Disaster Restoration is easier and more effective than ever!

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  • Eliminate 70% of your hand cleaning
  • Dramatically increase your process efficiency
  • Get better cleaning results
  • Increase revenue and profits
  • Stand out from your competition

The Omegasonics Restoration PRO® can help turn your Disaster Restoration business into a well-oiled machine.

Using our ultrasonic cleaning technology, you can introduce the benefits of an assembly-line cleaning process to any disaster restoration job. The Restoration Pro® system offers processing speeds of up to 25 boxes of contents per hour and faster.

See a return on your investment in five to six months.

How much can you expect to make using the Restoration Pro® System?

Plus, you get to be the hero and save Grandma’s china.

The truly portable Restoration PRO® system helps you decrease cashed-out items. It effectively cleans even difficult pieces like china, delicate figurines, ceramics, mini-blinds, silver, brass, chandeliers, plastics and stuffed animals more effectively than hand cleaning. It easily removes smoke residues, mold, water damage, , heat scale and rust.

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