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Bluestone Solvent Cleaning Systems for Ultrasonic Cleaning 

Omegasonics has teamed together with Layton Technologies to offer safe, effective ultrasonic solvent cleaning solutions and solvent vapor dryers. Bluestone cleaning systems use special and flammable solvents including:

Special Solvent Versions

  • Dupont Vertrel – 3M Novec – HFE / HFC – Methylene Chloride – nPb

Flammable Solvent Versions

  • IPA – Acetone – IMS

These solvent cleaning systems are designed to minimize solvent use through effective containment and control. They meet strict environmental and safety standards and are proven in use in a wide range of industries including; defense, aerospace, medical manufacturing, electronics and high precision engineering.

Exceed Industry Standards

  • All sizes available, including bench top version
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • For vapor degreasing, cleaning and drying applications
  • Full solvent control features

Learn more about Bluestone systems.

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"The labor savings over our old manual scrubbing routine have allowed us to reduce turnaround times on our process."