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Drilling and Mining Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are Improving Production Throughout the World

Precise and swift preparation is possible.


It used to take a full day to manually remove support material from some 3D parts. Now we just put the parts into the ultrasonic cleaner and do something else while they’re being cleaned. After three hours, we have nice, clean parts.”

– Armen Boyajyan, Product Finishing Manager, of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

The future of prototype manufacturing can get here even faster and easier.

  • Gently removes support structure materials from ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon 12 and PCABS, among others
  • Thorough cleaning with even very intricate parts
  • Less expensive than recirculating tank style washers
  • Easy to use
  • No setup or training
  • No hand cleaning
  • Reduced labor costs


Learn how an ultrasonic parts cleaner provides the finest post processing available to remove soluble support material from your nylon and metal 3D manufactured products.


Case Study

Learn how the largest dedicated provider of additive manufacturing/3D printing, rapid prototyping, tooling and injection molding services in U.S. made the switch to ultrasonic cleaning.

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