Skurka Aerospace

The Powerlift multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system incorporates 500 lbs. capacity pneumatic lifts and transfer roller conveyors to easily move parts baskets between loading, ultrasonic washing, ultrasonic rinsing to unloading platform. This ultrasonic unit is used to clean carbon, dirt, oils and other contaminants from DC motors being refurbished for the aircraft industry.

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Unique Features

  • Powerlift X2
  • Dual stage ultrasonic wash and rinse
  • 500 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Agitation – 3” stroke
  • Transition rollers between tanks
  • 304 #4 stainless steel frame
  • 10” color touchscreen HMI
  • 3 phase/ 208-220 Vac/ 50 Amp

Tank Dimensions

  • 38” Length x 29” Width x 19” Depth

Overall Dimensions

  • 182” Length x 38” Width x 64” Height


  • 90 gallons – each tank

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