Our Ultrasonic Generators

Perhaps the most important piece in an ultrasonic cleaner is the generator. The generator is basically a switching power supply and is the heart of the ultrasonic cleaner, providing it the power that you need to clean your tough products. If you’re looking for the best ultrasonic cleaner with the best generator, you need to shop with Omegasonics.

Choosing an Omegasonics generator means getting a dependable, superior product that will meet your needs. Learn more about the role of ultrasonic generators in ultrasonic cleaners, and what makes our generators stand out among the competition.

Universal Input Power

One of the biggest difficulties in purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner generator is finding that your current facility voltage doesn’t match the needs of your generator. Fortunately, cleaners from Omegasonics don’t have this restriction, meaning you’ll be able to start using your generator right away.

Omegasonics generators come equipped with a universal input. This means you can use our ultrasonic generators regardless of your power source as long as it can provide between 100v and 240v of power. With ultrasonic cleaner generators from Omegasonics, you will no longer be restricted by the power feed in your facility. Our generators give you more flexibility.

In addition, a universal power input results in a more efficient device. In fact, Omegesonics’ units provide a near unity power factors of no less than 97 percent. This means that you’ll be reducing demand costs, power wasted on heat and improving the amount of power produced by your generator.

Custom Magnetics

Unfortunately, many manufacturers assume that there is no need to update the magnetics in their generators. While there is nothing wrong with using older designs, you may experience efficiency ratings as low as 70 percent.

Omegasonics, on the other hand, provides custom made magnetic windings. This means that they have been constructed specifically to be used in ultrasonic cleaners, which provides efficiency ratings better than the competition by up to 12 percent in some instances.

State of the Art Electronics

Because generators have been in existence for such a long time, other manufacturers tend to rely on legacy designs for their products. As mentioned, using a proven design can be a good decision. However, older designs cannot provide the advantages you’ll receive with the updated designs of Omegasonics generators.

For example, Omegasonics generators are smaller, lighter and provide a higher level of efficiency. This smaller design makes it much easier to install or relocate Omegasonics generators than heavier, older models. In addition, our more current electronics require less energy to function, saving you money.

Side Band Sweeping Generator

Our generators are capable of a sweeping frequency band. This means that you can sweep through a band of +/- 2 kHz at a rate for which you can choose the sweeping modulation.

In addition to being controllable through a PLC, sweeping can also be adjusted manually with dial controls.

Usually, sweeping is performed with two 500-watt power boards. This means that the excitation can be slightly inaccurate, causing a frequency mismatch between power boards. Omegasonics is introducing a new single power board design in the second quarter of 2017  virtually eliminating this mismatch.

Our Generators and Systems Stand Out in the Crowd

Looking for an ultrasonic cleaner for your business? Then learn more about the best systems on the market today. Check out our ultrasonic cleaning systems for your home or business to discover why our ultrasonic cleaner generators and systems stand out among the competition.