Mold & Die Cleaning

Plastic Injection Molders Depend on Ultrasonic Parts Washers to Improve Manufacturing Efficiencies

Extrusion dies and molds require scheduled maintenance to remove built-up mold release and open clogged exhaust vents. Ultrasonic cleaners along with the proper water based detergents completely remove these contaminants much faster than manual hand scrubbing and with significantly less disassembly.

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Super Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Power Pro 6000 Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Power Pro 8000 Ultrasonic Cleaner

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4430 Large Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Great Words from a Happy Client.

The cleaning performance was outstanding. And the time reduction is excellent as well”.

– Kinchen Edwards, Weener Plastics, Inc.


  • Faster than manual scrubbing
  • Requires less disassembly
  • Uses water based detergents
  • Extends operational run times between scheduled maintenance
  • Extends the life of molds and dies


Learn how to eliminate unexpected production delays with an ultrasonic cleaning system that produces cavitation bubbles within a non-toxic solution. This helps extend mold life by cleaning the molds thoroughly without damage, regardless of the shape, size or complexity of the mold, contaminant or mold material.

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Mold Release - Soap 27 - 5 Gallons

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