Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners

Multi-Stage Omegasonics Ultrasonic Cleaning Consoles make it Easy to Multitask.

For clients requiring multiple washes and high efficiency parts drying, Omegasonics’ Viking Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Consoles offer the same efficient, effective ultrasonic cleaning technology plus the ability to move items through additional wash and rinse stages.

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Viking DX3 Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Viking DX4 Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Choose your Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning System:

  • X2: (choose 2): ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse
  • X3: (choose 3): ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse, hot air dryer
  • X4: ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse, hot air dryer

Choose your Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank Size:

  • Pro: 18″ length x 18″ width x 14″ depth
  • Pro Plus: 18″ length x 24″ width x 14″ depth
  • Super Pro: 18″ length x 34″ width x 14″ depth
  • Power Pro 6000: 24″ length x 36″ width x 20″ depth

Each Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning System Includes:

  • Fully insulated stainless steel tanks
  • Exterior hammertone powder coat finish
  • Digital temperature controls – each tank
  • Digital timer-controlled ultrasound wash
  • Dual-stage filtration-wash stage
  • Single-stage filtration-rinse stage
  • Low-level float sensors – each stage

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"The labor savings over our old manual scrubbing routine have allowed us to reduce turnaround times on our process."