Ultrasonic Cleaning Hot Air Dryers

Hot Air Dryers cut drying time without risking valuable parts.

Once items emerge from an ultrasonic unit, they still must be dried quickly to maintain their pristine state. Our Omega® Viking 6800 Hot Air Dryers use a gentle updraft drying method that safely and quickly completes the job. Air heated to the optimal temperature of 160°F flows from the bottom up and re-circulates around the parts until they are dry.

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6800 Hot Air Dryer

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6900TD Tunnel Dryer

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RPD Dryer

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Faster drying means better results with less work.

This rapid-dry process dramatically reduces overall drying time and prevents the accumulation of moisture, as well as the resulting spotting and corrosion. It also eliminates time-consuming hand drying, freeing up staff to work in other areas and increasing productivity.

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"The labor savings over our old manual scrubbing routine have allowed us to reduce turnaround times on our process."