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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Automotive & Racing

Automotive & Racing Clients are Speeding to Ultrasonic Cleaners for Better Performance

The performance racing industry has used ultrasonic cleaners for over twenty years to keep their cars competition ready in between races. Whether removing carbon, oil, grease, or dirt from pistons, heads, transmissions or oil coolers, ultrasound penetrates impossible to reach thread and blind holes thant manual cleaning doesn’t effectively handle. Our automotive & racing ultrasonic cleaners keep cars ready for competition.

Ultrasonic Washers Rev Up Engine Rebuilds

Whether you are one of the select few who race professionally or belong to one of the tens of thousands of domestic amateur racing teams, keeping your engine at peak performance is the key to your success and happiness. Engines take a beating every time they race.

Maintenance must be performed after each race and unfortunately, sometimes you blow and engine and need a complete overhaul. The old school method still used by most race teams and rebuilders involves solvents, brushes, rags and a lot of elbow grease. Carbon has to be scraped from pistons and cylinder blocks. Dirt, grease and grime must be cleaned from crankshafts, cylinder brackets, hydraulic lifters, harmonic dampeners, timing sets and other engine components before the actual repair can get started.

Some engine shops use bead blasters to effectively remove heavy carbon deposits from internal engine cavities. The problem is getting all of the blasting media out. An ultrasonic parts cleaner can effectively handle all facets of the engine cleaning process using high frequency sound waves to pull carbon, dirt, grease and blasting media from all surfaces.

And without an ultrasonic washer, pulling blown engine fragments from an oil cooler is next to impossible. Ultrasound will clean external as well as internal cavities, allowing you to easily flush out all contaminants.

If you are looking to upgrade your race team’s performance or are a rebuild shop looking for a safer, more effective cleaning tool, ultrasound may be your answer.

Parts washer is unbelievable how well it works. thank you for turning me onto it (don’t tell anybody else) thanks pete”

– Kevin Rush, Custom Cars Unlimited

Thanks for finally convincing me to buy your machine. It really lived up to your claims. My finished product is considerably more professional looking. Also my head case and head welding is easier with the removal of all oils.” – Bill Combs, B&B Racing

What Can Ultrasound Do for Your Automotive Rebuilds?

  • Removes carbon from pistons and heads
  • Eliminates media after bead blasting
  • Cleans internal air coolers
  • Speeds rebuilds
  • Eliminates solvents in the workplace
  • Saves time, money and labor on rebuilds and maintenance

Case Study

See how Wix Racing went from using a solvent recycling service that came to his shop and exchanged their multi-gallon drums on a regular basis to Omegasonics technology.

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