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Industrial Ultrasonic Washers by Omegasonics can Solve all of your Cleaning Challenges.


Purchasing industrial ultrasonic equipment is a big decision, especially if you need to clean a lot of small parts on a frequent basis. Make sure the ultrasonic system chosen is the best fit for your particular cleaning need.


Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners offer stellar cleaning results!

Ultrasonic technology is changing today’s parts cleaning industry by making precision cleaning safer, faster, less expensive and more effective. Industrial ultrasonic washers offer results far beyond traditional cleaning methods, for everything from carburetors to medical instruments. Non-toxic ultrasonic cleaning bubbles eradicate even microscopic grime in the tiniest crevices. This eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and hand cleaning.

Get precisely what you need.

Our industrial parts cleaning tanks vary in size and power to match your specific cleaning challenges – from large stainless steel tanks to small table top washers. They can be customized for unusually shaped parts, but chances are we have a unit that will do the job

We want you to see results.

Using Omegasonics industrial ultrasonic cleaner systems, you’ll improve the quality of your products, increase production and efficiency, and decrease your impact on the environment. By using our affordable water-based soaps and enzyme solutions instead of expensive chemicals and disposal, you’ll save 70% or more in cleaning materials costs.

How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?

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"The labor savings over our old manual scrubbing routine have allowed us to reduce turnaround times on our process."