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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA


Excerpt was taken from the September 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics:

How many of us of a certain age have complained for the last 20 years that you can’t get good carburetor cleaner anymore? You know, that stuff that eats your skin and goes directly into your pores, so you die when you’re 62.  There are a lot of effective, but gentle, new kinds of cleaners…but the most incredible things I have found are industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines. Omegasonics in Simi Valley, Calif., makes a big ultrasonic cleaner, like the one I have, called a Super Pro…It only takes about half an hour to do a cylinder head and that’s covered with carbon. And the ultrasonic waves get into every little nook and cranny—a regular sprayer can’t do that…

-Jay Leno


The two things that were really paramount in my mind were the savings of time and then the environmental. In the near future OSHA is going to just about outlaw the use of solvent, especially the way we’re using it. It has reduced the time tremendously-probably one-third as much time as we used to use.

-Charles Carr, AAMCO Transmissions


I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased we are with our ultrasonic cleaning machine. We have had our ultrasonic parts washer for three years now and it’s hard to imagine how we survived without it. It does a fantastic job cleaning intricate parts and preparing them for final assembly. We have tripled our cleaning output as a direct result of its capabilities, thus resulting in a lower direct labor cost in this department. We have experienced exceptional results. A few of our customers have been so impressed with the quality of the cleaning that they have specifically made a trip to our facility to see the machine in operation.

-Lou Tignac, President, Van’s Manufacturing


I just wanted to follow up with you on the Omegasonics Parts Washers we leased/purchased from you. The unit worked remarkably well, performing flawlessly for all of our parts-washing needs.

-Andy Munsey, Silgan Containers Corporation


We received the cleaner yesterday afternoon and started using it this morning. It’s working great, I wish we had purchased one along time ago.

-Bob Mattson, TRW Aerospace (Now Northrop Grumman)


The ultrasonic cleaner you sold us continues to be the best/handiest tool I have. It runs nearly 24/7 and I don’t know how I ever got along without it.

-Jeff Shultz, Sauer-Danfoss


I have a 100% success ratio with the ultrasonic cleaner. We disassemble the carburetors and throw them into the cleaner I guarantee when they come out of the machine, they will be perfect. I will have no problems. We toss everything into the tank and don’t replace any hard parts, including gaskets and o-rings. And you’re not dealing with solvents-they are dangerous, unhealthy and expensive. I can’t say enough about this unit. You will make your money back ten fold with this machine.

-David Flum, Clovis Marine


I am amazed at its’ cleaning ability and wonder now, how I ever managed without one. It’s FAST, clean, quiet, easy to operate, leaves my parts SUPER clean, and doesn’t stick up the shop. Everyone at the shop is fascinated with the unit an actually fight over cleaning time. It’s amazing the impact that one piece of equipment can have if it works. This one unit alone, has both increased my quality and eliminated the previous pedestrian task of cleaning carbs with messy, smelly chemicals, while keeping the shop cleaner and the environment safer. I am one WELL satisfied customer!!!!

-Sparky, Sparky’s Carbs


The use of ultrasonics in our restoration business has given us capabilities that years ago were only wishful thoughts. The use of this equipment on residential jobs has become a great asset for us. On an industrial restoration project cleaning components for air handling, we were able to pay for this equipment from just that one job. The large capacity of this unit affords us the opportunity to do many items unsalvageable in the past and the training we received from Omegasonics was excellent. We thank you for your help and your after purchase support.

-Bob Pakrul, Spotless Restoration


We purchased an ultrasonic blind cleaning machine in 1996. It was semi-effective at best. That particular piece of equipment ended up in a corner of our production area and was often used as a portable table. We knew there had to be better equipment available. I met Omegasonics at the ASCR Convention in 2003. We were impressed with the demonstration at the show and decided to buy the Fire Pro 4800. We remodeled our production techniques and our facility to center on our Fire Pro 4800. This piece of equipment has greatly improved our efficiency and our ability to restore personal property to pre-loss condition.

-Patrick J. Sullivan, Sullivan’s Cleaning & Restoration Service


Your Fire Pro 4800 has taken our restoration cleaning company to a whole new level. In the past we would price a home fire clean-up of small collectibles only to find that the damage we created from traditional cleaning cost my company more than we originally charged the client…Omegasonics has enabled us to increase our productivity 500%…work that would normally take 5 hours is completed in only 1 hour…we charge more, create more profit and our clients are amazed at what we can clean….Thanks for bringing our cleaning results out of the dark ages!

-Dave Keiter, Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration Services

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