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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Machining & Finishing

Machined Parts aren’t Finished Until an Ultrasonic Cleaner Says They Are

Machined parts are not complete until all cutting fluids, metal shavings and debris are thoroughly removed from all surfaces, threads and blind holes.Plating, anodizing, coatings of any type will not adhere if surfaces aren’t completely clean. Ultrasonic cleaners clean machined parts to surgical levels to get them ready for the next step in the manufacturing process.

There’s no room for error – or dirt or grime or anything else – for our machining clients.

Since its inception in 1984, Pacific Consolidated Industries (PCI) in Riverside, California, has manufactured thousands of nitrogen, oxygen and water treatment systems for operation in the most demanding and remote locations on earth, including specialized technology used in the military, medical environments, and oil and gas facilities. As their product line expanded, production demands increased greatly, as well as their parts cleaning requirements and the associated labor costs. The inconsistency resulting from the necessary hand-scrubbing and the required isopropyl alcohol rinse became a problem they needed to solve.

Extensive research led PCI to Omegasonics. The company now uses one of our floor model units and water-based soaps to precisely and thoroughly clean oil, scale, dirt, grime and carbon from its brass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic components. Their investment reduced the cleaning time for each device from approximately four hours to 30 minutes.

Since we are dealing with critical care oxygen requirements, especially in hospital applications and military combat zones, our assembled components must be their absolute cleanest. Contamination is unacceptable. We aimed to streamline the parts cleaning procedure while proactively improving quality control. The X2 is a major contributor to this goal.”

– Hal Weatherly, Pacific Consolidated Industries


Our clients get the highest-quality results for their money.

  • In-house cleaning technology that is faster, safer and more cost-effective
  • No employee training required
  • Uses only safe, chemical-free solutions
  • Removes metal shavings, coolant, oil, dust, calcium, carbon, dirt and grime from invisible surfaces or crevices unreachable by brushes, picks or rags
  • No risk of recontamination


Technology is driving parts to be smaller than ever and the cleaning specs required today are more difficult than ever to achieve. Ultrasonic cleaning technology provides the results for machine shops to keep up with a fast changing world.

Case Study

Learn how Pacific Consolidated, largest dedicated provider of additive manufacturing/3D printing, rapid prototyping, tooling and injection molding services in U.S. made the switch to ultrasonic cleaning.

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