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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA


Ultrasonic Cleaning FAQs

1. What is ultrasound and how does it work?

Visit this page to learn more

2. What is the ultrasonic wattage of the Omegasonics table top washers?

7850TT – 270 Watts
7950TT – 360 Watts

3. Are the ultrasonic table top units available in 240 volts?

Yes. The units are available in a 208-240 volt version. Please contact our office for exact pricing and availability.

4. Is a basket necessary with the table top units?

Either a basket, beaker holder or some device to suspend the parts being cleaned is required so that parts are not placed directly on the bottom of the ultrasonic unit. Placing items on the radiating surface of any ultrasonic cleaning system will accelerate cavitation erosion and reduce the overall life expectancy of the unit.

5. What sets Omegasonics apart from your competition?

Our patented ultrasonic generators are unity power factor corrected, have consistent power output regardless of incoming voltage, and will operate efficiently from 100-240 Volts AC. Our energy efficient electrical design, our ability to build with direct bond or immersible transducers, and the unprecedented capacitance matching of our PZTs deliver reliability and consistency to our ultrasonic parts washing systems. Another key factor is our willingness to test different cleaning applications using a variety of aqueous cleaning solutions, techniques and ultrasonic systems is unparalleled.

6. Are custom units available?

Yes. Custom size units, custom controls, customized functions, ultrasonic console systems, ultrasonic transducer retrofit packages are all available. Please contact our headquarters for you specific ultrasonic needs.

7. Do the ultrasonic table top washers have filtration?

No. Filtration is available on our ultrasonic floor model parts washers and console systems. Adding filtration to the ultrasonic table tops is generally not cost effective, even by the end user.

8. Do the ultrasonic table-top units come with lids?

Yes. All table top systems come with a lift-off stainless steel lid.

9. Does Omegasonics offer any discounts off retail prices?

Yes. Omegasonics offers monthly promotional specials on many of our ultrasonic machines. Please contact our sales office for details.

10. Can ultrasonic cleaning soaps be purchased in quantities other than 5 gallons?

Yes. We offer 1 gallon, 2-1/2 gallon, and 55 gallon containers. Contact Omegasonics as not all ultrasonic cleaning agents are available in each container size.

11. Is it possible to see an ultrasonic parts washing system operate before purchasing?

Yes. Depending on your location, we may have a representative in your area that can demonstrate the equipment at your facility, or an existing client who may be able to show off their ultrasonic cleaner. If a local representative is not available, we also have a “Demo Program” that is available on most models. Please contact Omegasonics for details.

12. Are service technicians available for service calls?

Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning equipment is generally designed to be field repairable. Our ultrasonic floor models utilize plug-and-play technology that allows most users to contact the factory for over-the-phone customer support and easy replacement of any defective component. It is very rare that a floor model would require a service technician. Our ultrasonic table top washers are sent in to a centralized repair department for repairs which generally are turned around in one (1) to two (2) days.

13. Can parts be sent into Omegasonics for test cleaning prior to purchasing?

Yes. Many clients have sent parts to Omegasonics for test cleaning. We prefer that multiple parts be sent so that we can determine the proper chemistry, the proper dilution ratio, heat, time and orientation to the ultrasonic transducer.

14. What is the warranty on the Omegasonics ultrasonic parts cleaning machines?

Our ultrasonic table tops are one (1) for parts while our line of Omega Pro floor model washers is two (2) years.

15. Can ultrasonic systems be leased?

Omegasonics offers a lease-to-own program for systems valued over $2,000.00. This program is administered through third party equipment leasing companies. Available lease programs are Fair Market Value (FMV) or $1.00 Cash Out leases. Terms can range from 24, 36, 48 or 60 month terms. Contact Omegasonics for your exact requirements.

16. Can ultrasonic washing equipment be rented?

Not usually. Contact Omegasonics for your exact requirements and we will see if a suitable rental procedure is possible.

17. Are the Omega Pro models available in any other color than green?

Yes. Custom colors are available for a price adder. Delivery will be delayed depending on the color and model chosen. Exterior frames can be built in stainless steel as well. Contact Omegasonics for your exact requirements.

18. What is the delivery time?

Delivery is a function of the type of unit purchased and current plant loading. Table tops are usually stock and can be shipped within one (1) day. Ultrasonic floor models are sometimes available from stock, but can take up to four(4) weeks. Custom units generally require more time for approval drawings and manufacture. Contact Omegasonics for our specific needs.

19. Does Omegasonics offer used ultrasonic cleaning equipment?

Yes. Occasionally we have used equipment available at a reduced price. Contact Omegasonics for your specific requirement.


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