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portable ultrasonic contents cleaning line

RP3 All-in-One Restoration System

The Omegasonics RP3 "Rolling Thunder" is the only portable all-in-one, ultrasonic contents restoration system on the restoration market today. With the same style pre-wash tank, ultrasonic cleaning tank and detail rinse sink as our larger systems, disaster restoration professionals looking for true portability to handle cat losses or onsite factory fire cleaning or for contractors with smaller contents facilities, the RP3 is a true game changer. Contents professionals can process three baskets simultaneously to reduce cash outs, increase process efficiencies, eliminate 80% of hand-cleaning, improve cleaning quality and save money.

Unique Features

  • Portable
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 2000 Watts peak ultrasound
  • Digitally controlled heat - Pre-Wash and Ultrasonic Tanks
  • Digital timer controlled ultrasound
  • Hands-free – foot pedal activated ultrasound
  • Deck mount overhead sprayer
  • 1 Phase/ 120 VAC/ Dual 20 Amp plugs (208-220 VAC available)

Tank Dimensions

  • 20" length x 24" width x 20" height

Overall Dimensions

  • 92" length x 28" width x 32" height


  • Each Tank – 30 Gallons gallons

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