Ultrasonic cleaners are being used in a wide variety of industries. One you may find surprising is that they are being used more and more in the medical implant industry.

Industry sites are even publishing articles on how to use them for cleaning reusable orthopedic instruments.

That is because an ultrasonic cleaner can handle the challenge of cleaning medical implants to the high standards that are needed to keep patients safe and healthy.

Complex Geometries

One reason that ultrasonic cleaners are so effective for medical implants is that they can clean complex shapes very well. To clean using an ultrasonic machine, you submerge the implant into a bath of cleaner. This means that there is no surface on the implant that is left untouched.

The cavitation action that the ultrasonic cleaner provides can get to even the smallest of places simply by the nature of the solution cleaning medium and the cleaner. This is very important with medical implants. Even the slightest bit of contamination can carry complications on to a patient.

Intense Cleaning Action for Delicate Instruments

Medical implants are very precisely made. This is because of the nature their use. The human body can adapt to a lot of things, but certain materials must be used in order to avoid rejection and further complications. This means using a combination of structurally sound materials in conjunction with delicate ones in order to appease the body’s needs.

When cleaning these implants before use, a balance must be struck. The implant must be cleaned and all debris removed. Too harsh of a cleaning process could leave the implant damaged and defective. Ultrasonic cleaners are great at handling this balance.

A dip into an ultrasonic bath will ensure that any potential contamination is cleaned off without ever having a cleaning action harsh enough to damage the part. Cavitation cleaning can get tough jobs done without harming the product being cleaned.

Rinsing after Cleaning

Once the cleaning is done, a thorough rinse is also a must. Cleaning chemicals needed to remove any contamination would wreak havoc on a patient’s body. This means that a dip in a deionized water bath to get all of the detergents off is vital.

As with the cleaning process, an ultrasonic cleaner is the best way to ensure that the surface of an implant is rinsed properly after being cleaned. The rinse will reach all of the same places that the cleaning did and will ensure that no detergents are left behind. The finished product is a clean, disinfected and uncontaminated part ready to be used to improve the quality of life for a patient.

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