Contents Training

Contents Training

Video 1

An Introduction to Ultrasonic Cleaning

Video 2

Categories of Contents

Video 3

Cleanability Factors – Frequency and Power

Video 4

Cleanability Factors – Chemistry

Video 5

Cleanability Factors – Temperature and Time

Video 6

Restorability of Contents

Video 7

Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Video 8

Accessories Needed for Cleaning

Video 9

Delicate Content Processing

Video 10

General Content Processing & Categorizing

Video 11

Cleaning Electronics with Ultrasonics

Video 12

Tool Processing

Video 13

Wicker Basket Processing

Video 14

Stuffed Animal Processing

Video 15

Plastic Content Processing

Video 16

Mold Content Processing

Video 17

Equipment Introduction Baskets

Video 18

Equipment Introduction Pre Wash Machine

Video 19

Equipment Introduction Ultrasonic Washer 

Video 20

Equipment Introduction Tunnel Dryer

Video 21

Crew Implementation

Video 22

Adding Soap

Video 23

Loading Baskets Contents

Video 24

Using the Pre Wash

Video 25

Ultrasonic Processing

Video 26

Rinsing Drying Contents

Video 27

Contents Inspection

Video 28


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Learn how to increase the efficiency of processing fire, smoke, mold and water-damaged contents.

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"The labor savings over our old manual scrubbing routine have allowed us to reduce turnaround times on our process."