There are some applications that ultrasonic cleaning was particularly made for. Firearms cleaning is one of those things. Gun owners, users and enthusiasts go to great pains to keep their weapons clean. Why? Because a gun naturally and over time, builds up all manner of dirt, grime and carbon build-up.

After all, each shot is a small explosion. The trouble is that to ensure that a weapon fires accurately and safely, your gun needs to be as clean as possible. That means spending a lot of time soaking parts in chemical baths and scrubbing with brushes. None of that is necessary with an ultrasonic cleaner!

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning for Firearms

Modern firearms and most of the materials from which they are made are perfect for a trip through an ultrasonic cleaner. This includes any parts that may be made of hard polymers as well as metals. A word of caution, antique wood and even that rust blue antique metal may be damaged in an ultrasonic cleaner. If you have any questions about what parts should or should not go into an ultrasonic cleaner, contact the manufacturer.

The Process

If you know how to field strip your weapon, then you know how to get it ready for a trip through the ultrasonic bath. A manufacturer recommended tear-down of the gun will get it into a state that it is ready to go into an ultrasonic bath. If you are cleaning a revolver, you can remove the yolk and cylinder assembly from the frame and put them into the bath separately.

How it Works

Why does ultrasonic cleaning work so well for guns? Because of the nature of how ultrasonic cleaners work. Soot, carbon and dirt get stuck to the surface parts of a gun with high heat and high velocity. This means that there is a strong chemical bond between them and the hard parts of the gun. Traditionally, chemicals were used to break down those bonds and brushes and rinsing took the dirt away.

This process is limited by where you can reach with cleaning implements as well as how effective the chemicals you use are. Ultrasonic cleaners work by using cavitation. This is a process where sound waves are put into a bath of cleaning solution. The sound waves create tiny pockets of energy that fill the bath and collide at the surface of the gun parts.

They release that energy and break apart the bonds between the dirt and your gun. The dirt is then broken down and carried to the top of the bath. Once the cycle is completed, all you need to do is remove the gun parts, rinse them and dry them; they will be as good as new.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Firearms Reduces Time and Effort

Are you a firearms enthusiast or do you own a gun shop? Then you should consider an ultrasonic cleaner for maintaining your equipment. Omegasonics has a wide range of small and large cleaners that can suit any need. Find the right model for your home or shop here.