Cleaning industrial parts has traditionally demanded a variety of requirements. This mostly includes costly and time intensive manual labor using chemical solutions that are dangerous for both workers and the environment.

Cleaning by hand also runs the risk of not effectively reaching those nooks and crannies. In today’s sensitive economy it is no longer a monetarily wise decision to waste time and labor trying to clean tedious parts in an industrial setting. We want to help you cut your cleaning costs!

Here is how to offset your cleaning costs

To make this all very simple, ask yourself, “When you come home at night, do you prefer to wash your dishes with soap by hand, or effortlessly place them all in your dish washer while catching the last inning of the game?

Applying this everyday mentality to your business and using an Omegasonics cleaning system, you can easily eliminate 50% of your cleaning costs for next year!

For example, cleaning a carburetor by hand (a very labor intensive operation) requires a substantial scrubbing time of 1.5 hours. It then calls for supplemental cleaning using expensive and hazardous solvents. Using an Omegasonics parts washer, three carburetors can be cleaned in just 17 minutes (including loading and unloading times).

The increases in ultrasonic cleaning solvent and energy output will be more than offset by the immense savings in both labor costs and waste discarding.  An Omegasonics system can save you up to $1,000 or more per month, paying for itself in less than a year. Also, don’t forget to cancel your order for hazardous cleaning chemicals; you won’t be needing those any more.