People are the most productive in an organized environment. If you have what you need on hand and in front of you, then you don’t spend time searching around to find what you need to get the job done. Use these organization hacks  to make your work place and life more efficient.

Use Labels – What is the quickest way to find what you need? By looking at the label that points to its location! Using color coded or clear labels for your filing system can help you organize quickly and efficiently.

Minimize Desktop Clutter – Do you have files, papers and all manner of things scattered over your desktop? Take some time and clean them off. Having an organized desktop lets your mind remain uncluttered as you work.

Minimize the Personal Decorations – Your work space is there for working. While it is great to have a few personal items on your desk or in your office, having too much can actually leave you less space for things that you need.

Take a Healthy Posture – Sitting at a desk and computer all day may sound easy, but it can actually be hard on your body. Set your workspace up so that you can have a productive and comfortable posture while you are sitting and working. Consider a standing desk. It will improve your posture and your core muscles. Doctors now warn that sitting all day completely negates the effects of all the exercise you do at the gym after work.

Clean Out the Drawers – All of those filing cabinet and desk drawers love to collect things you don’t need. They are the ultimate case of out of sight, out of mind. Take some time to clean out your desk drawers. Keep what you need, archive what should be archived, and toss the rest out.

Spend Some Time Cleaning Up – What do you do for those last 15 or 20 minutes at the end of the day? Instead of surfing the web, why not take few minutes to clean up? Even if you don’t do it every day, having a clean and healthy workspace is worth a few minutes’ time.

Get Rid of Clutter – Do you really need those things you were working on 10 years ago? Part of being organized is knowing what you do not need to keep around. Regularly purge your office of things you don’t need.

Don’t Do it All at Once – If you are not on top of it, it may take some time for you to organize. That is okay. Don’t spend half of a work day organizing your workspace. Take some time, and spread it out over a few days.

Organization Hacks For Work – Notice how everything in your car is right at your reach? Your desk should be the same way. Organize your workspace for how you work.

Keep It Up – Don’t just organize then forget. Take some time and maintain the effort you have put in. It will pay off in the end. Now that you have your office space organized, take a look at how you can clean up with an Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaner!