In our modern-day world of green cars, green energy, and green products, it’s nice to know that ultrasonic cleaning is also a green process. Harsh chemicals, solvents, and ozone-depleting chemicals are losing favor with consumers and enterprises alike as we look to reduce our ecological footprint.

Ultrasonic cleaners are environmentally friendly because they use safe detergents, reduce the amount of power consumed for the same amount of cleaning, are non-polluting, and don’t emit toxic vapors in the process.

The Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

The chemicals used in ultrasonic cleaning systems are mostly nontoxic, biodegradable, and meet all state and federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. Many other systems used for washing parts rely on the use of organic solvents, harsh chemicals, or hazardous materials to clean components.

Those solvents can be harmful to life and have a detrimental impact on the environment during both manufacture and use. They usually vaporize into toxic fumes that escape into the atmosphere, in some cases generating greenhouse gasses. Ultrasonic cleaners use no such chemicals, relying instead on water and detergents similar to those we find at home.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems are also environmentally friendly because they use less energy overall than other types of parts cleaning systems. Ultrasonic cleaners run entirely on electricity, which is getting greener all the time thanks to international initiatives like the Kyoto Protocol and federal regulations such as the EPA’s Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology and Climate Action Plan standards.

There are no high-horsepower pumps sucking up electricity like there are with other parts cleaning systems. And because they clean parts so quickly compared to other methods, they use less power overall to achieve the same results.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a green process from beginning to end. The cleaning solutions are safe for the environment, biodegradable, and nontoxic. They use much less power than other parts cleaning systems that get less-effective results. Businesses and entire industries are moving to ultrasonic cleaners to limit their ecological footprint.

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