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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

One major benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is the ability to clean small, intricate pieces quickly and effectively. A great example of this is with the cleaning of brass instruments.

Saliva leaves behind corrosive acids and mineral deposits that build-up on valves and tone holes. Even slides, like on a trombone, can start to stick.

Manually cleaning musical instruments is usually tedious and time consuming.

Significant disassembly is often required, and even then it’s hard to be sure you have cleaned every crack and crevice. In addition, harsh chemicals and scratchy brushes are not what you want to use on delicate brass.

The neutralization of acids and removal of saliva deposits is essential to prolonging the life of each instrument. An ultrasonic instrument cleaner requires only minor instrument disassembly and the cleaning can be completed within three to five minutes, compared to a half hour or more by hand.

Ultrasonic cleaning solutions, like Horn Clean 727, are  typically light phosphoric cleaners or citric-based soaps, and won’t damage the instrument’s finish.

Another benefit of an ultrasonic instrument cleaner is that even the tiniest of spaces can be effectively reached and thoroughly cleaned.

For music stores and music repair shops, the advantages of an ultrasonic instrument cleaner include greater productivity and profitability. Since more brass and woodwind instruments can be cleaned in less time, more instruments can be serviced or repaired.

Yes, we may be “tooting our own horn”, but our ultrasonic consultants can show you how an ultrasonic instrument cleaner can benefit your business or organization. Just give us call at (888) 989-6278You can also see our selection of ultrasonic instrument cleaners

Also, we invite you to check out the ultrasonic cleaning success story of our friend, Mike Weems of CM Weems Band Instrument Repair in Rocklin, CA. (note: Mike passed away a few years ago).