Audience: Power Sports Dealers

Simi Valley, CA – Omegasonics has just announced the Omega® line of ultrasonic parts cleaning systems designed specifically for Power Sports dealers. The Omega systems use safe, non-toxic cleaning soaps and ultrasound to automatically remove carbon, grime, varnish, road dirt and sludge when cleaning even the most difficult-to-clean carburetors, cylinder heads, aluminum parts, suspension components and pistons. Meeting all EPA standards, the new systems eliminate dangerous toxic solvent baths and time-consuming hand labor.

Pays for itself in months – Power Sports dealers report over a 75% saving in time and labor cost when cleaning carburetors as compared to conventional toxic solvent sprays and costly hand cleaning. Typical material and labor savings for the average shop can exceed $1,000 per month.

Special Omega® System features maximum cleaning power and reduce operating costs – Using a combination of unique designs and features, the Omega series is economical to run and maintain. From sludge-resistant mounting of transducers that maintain ultrasound efficiency, to fully insulated tank bodies and non-immersion, silicone blanket heaters that reduce power cost, the new series is designed for years of trouble-free operation. Critical components are easily accessible and designed for user maintenance, eliminating costly service calls and down time.

Full range of models available starting under $1,000 – Depending on size, material and volume of parts being cleaned, Omegasonics’ family of ultrasonic systems offers three floor models of varying bath size and power: the Omega Pro® with 1000 watts ultrasound in a 25-gallon tank, the Omega Pro Plus® with 2000 watts of ultrasound in a 35- gallon tank and the Omega Super Pro® with 4000 watts of ultrasonic power in a 45-gallon tank. For smaller applications including carburetors, Omegasonics manufacturers a full line of table-top units and can supply custom systems as needed.

For more information on Omega® ultrasonic parts cleaning systems – Call Omegasonics at 1.888.989.5560 or email your request to Omegasonics designs and manufacturers a complete line of ultrasonic systems, accessories and supplies including their comprehensive selection of non-toxic, aqueous degreasing agents.

About Omegasonics: Based in Simi Valley, CA, Omegasonics is the west coast’s leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems. Omegasonics’ ultrasonic technology cleans parts with sound vibrations, hot water and engineered soaps in place of traditional hand scrubbing and toxic solvents, resulting in time, financial and environmental benefits for end-users. To learn more about Omegasonics, visit

Frank Pedeflous, Omegasonics, Corporate Inquiries: (805) 583-0875