Omegasonics, a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, offers CleanMor 706, a cleaning detergent effective at removing delicate support material from pieces produced by Object 3000 3-D printers utilizing 706 material. “The non-hazmat detergent speeds up the process of removing delicate support material by a factor of 500%,” said a company spokesperson.

The industrial-friendly cleaning solution was developed to help a hospital remove intricate support material from pediatric hearts and organ molds prior to surgery. Previously, the healthcare facility was utilizing a harsh powder that released dust particles in the air, and considered installing a costly eye wash station to protect employees from injury.

“With the development of Clean-Mor 706, operators simply pour the liquid detergent into their ultrasonic tank and it quickly dissolves the support material,” stated Joe Gilbert, Vice President of Sales at Omegasonics. “It is a perfect solution for medical applications and any other industrial application requiring 3-D prints involving 706 material. The detergent does not discolor the piece or dry it out.”

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