We hear that work-life balance is important. We’re told that good employers help us maintain it. Most of us have a very good idea what it feels like when we are out of balance. The real question is, does anyone really know what it feels like to be in balance?

Being in Balance

Think about being a kid and walking on a high curb. Unless your daredevil stunt ended with a trip to the hospital to set a broken bone, you probably maintained your balance along the entire walk. Think back to how that felt. Was it something simple that just happened? Did you ever feel truly comfortable during the entire length of the walk? Were you constantly moving, adjusting and tweaking your position to find that balance? Think about what happened at the end. Once you found it, the best way to keep your balance was to move quickly along the curb until the end. Work-life balance is no different.

Being in Balance is Not Being at Rest

When the term “work-life balance” is thrown about, it is often in reference to time off or vacations. Being in balance is not the same as resting. Think back to when you were walking on that high curb. When you were in balance, you weren’t standing still. You were always working to maintain that balance. So it goes with work-life balance.

Being at rest does not mean that you are balanced. Sometimes it is about working hard to ensure that all of your responsibilities, both at home and on the job, are taken care of. That requires a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish. To achieve that balance is a challenge that requires constant work to meet.

Balance is Movement

After you found your balance on the curb and you could see the end, you may have almost run to get there. That’s because there is stability contained in momentum. Like riding a bike, moving forward means staying balanced.

If you slow down too much, you may find yourself losing balance. To maintain, you must keep your momentum up to keep you moving down your path. Taking too much time to stop and look around may end up causing you to lose balance and ultimately fall off the track.

Focus on your Balance

Balance isn’t something that happens unconsciously. Sure, the more you do it, the easier it is to maintain, but you need to focus on what you are doing. Once you mastered that curb walk, you may have gone back to challenge it again; going longer, moving faster, maybe even performing a trick. The minute you lost focus, you fell. Maintaining work-life balance needs constant focus on the decisions that are being made and keeping all of your responsibilities in check.

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