If you are into power sports you know equipment cleaning is just part of it. ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles and jet skis are all fine-tuned machines built for speed. To keep them in top shape requires some time and maintenance. Nothing can end a long drive down Route 66 on a sunny afternoon faster than a clogged carb or carbon buildup in a cylinder. This means taking time to strip down and maintain the machine. Long maintenance cycles take away from time better spent riding. What if there were a faster way than doing the job by hand?

Cleaning and Maintenance by Hand

Having to strip down a motor and hand clean the parts can be quite a chore. If your time is limited to begin with, cleaning and maintenance can take away from time on the road. The time spent is necessary because of the performance you demand out of your equipment.

This means stripping it down, soaking the parts, cleaning each one by hand or air compressor, waiting for it dry and then reassembling it. You may need to break this chore up into an entire weekend just to make sure that you can get it all done. Then, after reassembly, you might find out that you missed something and have to start the process all over again to unclog or re-clean parts that did not get clean enough.

What about an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

What if there were a way to make sure that when you do take the time to strip down and clean the motor, that everything comes clean the first time, without the soaking and scrubbing? This is where an ultrasonic cleaner comes in handy.

Ultrasonic cleaners are devices that use a water-based solution and high frequency sound waves to clean your parts. Using one is as simple as putting the parts you want to come clean inside of the cleaner’s tank, setting the timer and walking away. When the cleaning cycle is done, the parts come out looking almost as good as new and you are ready to head back out onto the road, water or snow.

How does equipment cleaning work?

Do not worry about your motor parts being shaken and damaged. Ultrasonic cleaners use tiny bubbles created in the water to smash into and break away all the dirt, oil and debris. This process is called cavitation. Once the dirt is removed from the part, it is broken up even further so that it floats on top of the solution and can’t recontaminate your part.

The best part about the process is that since the bubbles are so small, about the size of molecules, they can fit into any crack, crevice, or corner of your part. This means that your entire part comes clean. The insides of pesky intakes that are impossible to reach by hand are no trouble for an ultrasonic cleaner.

Take a look at the desktop and bench top models that Omegasonics has to offer and consider the benefits that ultrasonic cleaners can bring to your power sport of choice!