Unlike today’s fast paced world economy, ultrasonic units were not always used on American Navy vessels for cleaning engine components and tools.

Fire restoration companies were not commonly using ultrasound everyday to restore memories and magically bring household objects back to life…

Currently, there are Omegasonics’ machines on almost every ship in the United States Naval Fleet. These machines are used rigorously everyday by the men and woman serving on aircraft carriers, battleships and submarines. Restoration companies are now saving previously un-recoverable contents in addition to cutting costs and increasing profits!

I have seen the world of ultrasonic cleaning grow leaps and bounds from when I arrived at Omegasonics in 1996. During this time, we were only focusing our efforts in the blind cleaning industry. Blinds would accumulate massive amounts of dust and bacteria from sitting for long periods of time. If they sat untouched for too long they could become a health hazard if inhaled by a sensitive nose. Look around your office or house and notice the wide range of shapes, lengths and widths of your mini blinds. Imagine trying to clean each type slat with a towel and some spray. Doesn’t that seem like a long, tedious task?

However, we came to realize, like blinds, other items and objects could benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. Other companies were already proficient and were constantly in the industrial side of ultrasonic cleaning. Soon enough, Omegasonics evolved our marketing approach and began shifting our focus to industrial application cleaning.

Ultrasound is still used to clean mini blinds just as it was before. However, the wide range of applications for ultrasonic cleaning has greatly increased over the years as well as the benefits and rewards. For that matter, ultrasound is a technology that has made an environmentally beneficial impact on many different industries. Our ultrasonic manufacturing business has evolved from cleaning simple window blinds, to automobile restoration, cleaning medical supplies, power sports, aerospace technology, disaster restoration and will continue to evolve for years to come!

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