Companies are increasingly paying attention to their impact upon the environment. Alternate cleaning methods can release toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases into the environment, and require the consumption of considerably more energy.  Here are a few reasons why switching to ultrasonic cleaning is better for the environment and your business:

Gentler Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergents

Ultrasonic cleaning detergents are typically much less harsh than those used for traditional cleaning methods. The ultrasound waves and resulting army of tiny bubbles that differentiate ultrasonic cleaning do a lot of the work on a scope and scale that just can’t be achieved with a scrub brush or solvent circulation.  As a result, water-based cleaning soaps are sufficient to get the job done with ultrasonic parts washers.

Zero Emissions

Spray cleaning, vapor degreasing, and manual cleaning create great risk of exposing workers to highly caustic chlorinated and fluoridated agents and hydrocarbons. All of these pose health risks to those performing the cleaning, but also can harm the atmosphere. Ultrasonic cleaning occurs in a contained tank environment where there is significantly less risk to workers.

Energy Efficiency

Other forms of immersion cleaning use considerably more energy than ultrasonic cleaning. Heating elements and circulation pumps pull much more energy than ultrasonic transducers. Less energy use means less pollution.

It’s worth noting that most ultrasonic cleaning detergents are approved by the EPA… and, as you know, that governmental agency can be really hard to please.

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