Even if you are familiar with ultrasonic cleaners like we are, you get surprised sometimes at the new and innovative uses companies can find for them.

The food industry is one of those places you never really expect to hear about ultrasonic cleaners being used. It turns out that if you own a food processing plant, large or small, ultrasonic cleaners might be the thing that you need to reduce cleaning times and increase your productivity.

Keeping Food Processing Machines Clean

Food preparation and processing requires the use of rather intricate machinery. Typically, this involves complicated cutting, weighing and measuring equipment. Along with the preparation, if any cooking is done on the same floor, it probably involves steam, oil or other materials that can really get those machines dirty.

The problem is, food processing is an exact science. The profit margins are very tight, so in order to remain competitive, your machines need to operate at 100 percent efficiency. If they aren’t, then you are either giving away too much product or are wasting too many resources. The nature of this business means frequent cleaning and maintenance of food processing machines.

A Labor Intensive Process

Cleaning machinery takes a long time. This is particularly true if it is one part of a complicated production line that takes raw food and cooks it into a finished product. When it comes time to clean these machines, the process can be long and involved.

First, the long process of disassembling the machine starts. Once all the parts are removed, they must be cleaned by hand. This often requires further disassembly. The mere nature of working with food means that all sorts of debris will get into the most difficult places to clean.

This is also true of cooking equipment. Removing oil is difficult and can add lots of time to the cleaning process. To get the equipment fully clean, a long and involved soaking process is often needed.

Finally, the clean parts need to be reassembled into a working production line again. Unless you have a second production line, this down time means that your product is going unmade, and your workers are often unoccupied while the process occurs.

Save Time and Money with Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

What if you could reduce the time needed to clean by as much as 85 percent? What would that do to the bottom line for your company? It isn’t too good to be true; it’s what you can accomplish with ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Ultrasonic cleaners are not only faster than cleaning by hand, but they are more thorough as well. They reduce the time needed to clean by hand considerably while getting into every last part of your equipment, making sure it is as clean as the day you bought it.

Omegasonics Offers Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology for Food Processing

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