Does your business or hobby involve spending hours of labor cleaning? Manufacturing, engineering, medical professionals and electronics fabricators all have one thing in common – they can benefit from the use of an ultrasonic cleaner. These industries require that parts specific to their businesses have some type of contaminant removed. In many cases, this requires hours sitting in a bath of harsh chemicals or time spent hand-cleaning parts. There is a better way. Consider the equation: Machine + Soap + Process as the solution to your cleaning issues.

The Machine

The first part is the machine that is capable of doing the heavy lifting. Omegasonics offers many different sizes, shapes and powers of ultrasonic cleaners (table top cleaners and industrial cleaners). This means that there is an ultrasonic cleaner out there that is perfect for the job.

Ultrasonic cleaners work by creating very small vacuum bubbles in a solution. These bubbles carry very high energies and temperatures with them. When they collide with a surface, they release that energy and it causes anything that might be stuck to the surface to be knocked away. Since these bubbles are very small, they attack contamination near the molecular level. This creation of the bubbles is called cavitation and it is what the machine is designed to do.

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The Solution

Once you have the machine, you need the solution in which to create its cavitation action. While cavitation is capable of doing all of the work by itself, eventually, (many applications simply use water as the solution) there are other options that can add some chemical assistance to the cleaning.

Solutions vary as much as the applications being used. What you need for your specific industry is up to you.

The best part about the solution is that you will submerge what you need cleaned into it. Since it is a liquid, it is going to get into every hole, corner, crack and opening that is on the part. This also means that the solution can bring cleaning power to every single surface of your part. Things that you could never reach using brushes, Q-tips and rags will come clean in the solution. Ultrasonic cleaners can get your parts cleaner than they have ever been simply because they work differently than most cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning solutions are also much safer and less caustic than many of the solutions that are used to clean parts. This generally means no complicated disposal or hazmat handling.

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The Process

Finally the process of using an ultrasonic cleaner: pre-rinse, ultrasonic bath, post rinse and drying can be completely customized to meet your individual needs. There is a customized machine, solution and process that will work for just about anyone.

Once you have the process in place you won’t believe the time it will save you and the quality of the finished product.

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