2300E® Electronics Cleaning Station

The Omega 2300E® Electronics cleaning station is designed for high-value electronic items that can’t be submerged into an ultrasonic wash tank. It uses compressed air to spray a thin mist of water and specially designed soap into the items to be cleaned.

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Unique Features

  • Easy access rotary turntable for parts positioning
  • Industry 1st – Removable control panel
  • Rhino lined cleaning chamber bottom resists scratches, mold and rust

Chamber Dimensions

  • 37″ width x 31.5” depth x 38″ height

Overall Dimensions

  • 42″ width x 34″ depth x 81″ height


  • OMG-2300E

Expert Advice

Our team of ultrasonic cleaning experts can help you find the right ultrasonic soap for your job and budget.