HP1818 DX-3 Dye/Rinse/Dry Tank

Looking to dye digitally manufactured parts built on Hewlett Packards’s Multi Jet Fusion 5200/ 4200 Series printers quickly and effectively? The HP1818 DX-3 multi-tank system dyes parts faster, with more consistent results, uses significantly less dye material and with one-third less labor costs than other boiler dyeing methods. Unit is equipped with a high velocity circulation system to move heated material through printed part reaching even hard to reach areas with precision uniformity.

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Unique Features

  • 3 Tanks
  • Portable
  • Digital controls
  • Adjustable heat to 200°F
  • Dual action opposed spray bars
  • High volume Ryton pump
  • 24 hour/ 7 day time clock
  • 1 phase/ 208 – 220 VAC/ 20 Amp

Tank Dimensions

  • 18” length x 18” with x 20” working depths

Overall Dimensions

  • 86 1/2” length x 27” width x 32” height


  • 3-20 gallons


  • OMG-HP1818D3
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