SST4030 Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

The SST 4030 was specifically created to accommodate the print capacity of the Stratasys mc900 3D FDM printing system. This 187 gallon capacity ultrasonic parts cleaner will remove soluble support structure from a printed part as large as 3’ x 2-1/2’ x 3’. Since removing SST material from a print does not require filtration, the SST 4030 utilizes only digital controlled heat and ultrasound to perform the cleaning.

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Unique Features

  • Portable
  • Dual hinged lid
  • Enclosed generators
  • Digital control panel
  • Ultrasonic Power: 8000 Watts Peak
  • 3 phase/ 208-220 VAC/ 50 Amp

Tank Dimensions

  • 40″ length x 30″ width x 40″ working depth

Overall Dimensions

  • 69″ length x 39″ width x 55″ height


  • 187 gallons


  • OMG-4030

Product Manuals

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