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custom ultrasonic multi tank washer

Mirus Custom Pro DX3

Dual stage ultrasonic cleaning system with heated non-ultrasonic rinse is used to clean surgical instruments in an offshore military hospital operating room. Utilizing the standard design features of our Pro Plus models, this system required special voltage requirements using only 120 Volts supply voltage accomplished by dual plugs and interlocking heat and sound to stay within electrical supply limits.

Unique Features

  • Ultrasonic primary wash
  • Dual output timer controls ultrasound and secondary filtration
  • Heated secondary rinse
  • Dual stage filtration with overflow weir
  • All stainless steel plumbing
  • Hot air dry final stage
  • 304 #4 Stainless steel frame
  • 3 phase/ 208-240 VAC, 30 Amp

Tank Dimensions

  • 18" Length x 18" Width x 20" Depth

Overall Dimensions

  • 89" Length x 26" Width x 36" Depth


  • 25 Gallons – each tank gallons

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