When disaster strikes a home or business recovery can take a long time. Services like the Red Cross offer the basics of what people will need to get through their disaster, like food, shelter and emergency response. Others companies begin to help people put their lives back together in the aftermath of the disaster. For years companies have been cleaning and restoring personal property contents for victims of all sorts of disasters. While traditional methods still exist, ultrasonic cleaners have taken a major role in disaster recovery.

The Traditional Way of Restoration

Traditionally companies that did this type of work did all the cleaning by hand. This meant having several workers using rags, chemicals, brushes and Q-tips in order to remove as much dirt, dust, mold and smoke damage as they could from recovered items.

This process was very time consuming and often involved harsh cleaners and other chemicals. It was very limited in what it could recover in some cases. Even items that were restored might still have a mold or smoky smell to them.

Enter Ultrasonic Cleaning

The limitations of this process is why Omegasonics provides a better way for these companies to get their jobs done. Ultrasonic cleaners are well suited for contents cleaning. In order to restore items that have been damaged in a disaster, cleaning time and effort must be spent getting all contamination removed.

Smoke odors, mold, water damage and soot can find their ways into the smallest corners and openings in objects. While traditional cleaners are limited in what they can do based on the size of the brushes and where they will fit, ultrasonic cleaners can get anywhere and clean any part of an object no matter how small.

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a Better Way

Chemicals and brushes are limited in the amount of cleaning power they have. Detergents are there to dissolve the bonds between the dirt and the surface it is attached to, while brushes are there to remove the dirt once it has been loosened up. A brush can only carry so much energy; this means repeated passes to get things clean.

Ultrasonic cleaners use cavitation action to get items clean. Cavitation works by using very tiny, high-energy bubbles that crash into the surface of the object and blast dirt and contaminates away. Not only does this get items clean and looking as good as new, it also helps remove the odors that can be associated with fire and mold.

Ultrasonic cleaners also save time. What might take a team of workers an entire day to get through can be done in mere hours using an ultrasonic bath. This speeds up the time it takes to return these items to victims and helps them get back on their feet quicker.

If you run a disaster recovery service, come look at what Omegasonics has to offer.