(Second in a two-part series) In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the diversity that ultrasonic cleaners provide and listed five of the benefits that parts cleaners provide over other types of washers.  We’re not done yet! In Part 2, we will discuss five more benefits, and highlight why it makes sense to use ultrasonic cleaners for our most demanding cleaning needs, no matter what they are.

6.   Reliable – The lack of rotating equipment in an ultrasonic cleaner keeps it running reliably for a long time. There are few moving parts to wear out compared with other systems, which may have any number of pumps, agitators, and fans, all  with bearings, seals, and electric motors.

7.   Thorough Cleaning – The pulse waves in an ultrasonic cleaner come from a number of different angle and travel at varying frequencies, which means parts in the washer get hit from different angles all the time with pressure waves. This random, high frequency action ensures that the entire surface of the part is cleaned evenly, something that other cleaning systems can’t claim.

8.   Environmentally Friendly – The detergents used in ultrasonic cleaners are non-hazardous and environmentally safe. Plus, as we’ve mentioned, the low power consumption and rapid cleaning time means less electricity is used in our systems.

9.   Mold and Bacteria Removal – On top of the contaminants we listed above, ultrasonic cleaners are also excellent at removing mold and bacteria from surfaces. This makes them perfect for cleaning parts for equipment used in food preparation and processing, as well as instruments, devices, and equipment used in the medical community.

10.  Wide Range of Sizes – Ultrasonic cleaners come in many sizes, ranging from tabletop units to large, industrial-sized machines. That means the exact right size unit can be purchased for every service, and we don’t have to waste energy or cleaning chemicals on a “one-size-fits-all” cleaning system.

So there we have it. In this two-part series, we’ve listed 10 reasons why ultrasonic cleaners make sense for our cleaning needs, regardless of our industry, type of part, or nature of the contaminant. Their versatility makes them perfect for any number uses, from homes and personal use to the small business to full-blown industrial facilities. The medical, aerospace, food manufacturing and processing, electronics,computer, and restoration industries have all discovered their benefits, and more industries are getting on board every day with ultrasonic cleaners for their most demanding cleaning needs.

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