Running a saw blade restoration and sharpening business isn’t easy. When blades come into the shop, they need a lot of time and effort to clean them before they can even get to the grinding step required to sharpen them. Ultrasonic saw blade cleaning can help assist in managing your business.

Traditionally, restoring saw blades to their very sharpest edge possible required an intensive cleaning process removing wood pitch and resins before even starting the assessment and sharpening stages.

This tedious step consists of extensive soaking of the saw blades and also exposing workers to safety hazards and harmful chemicals.

Anderson Saw Company in Hawthorne, California is a saw sales and service outfit serving a wide range of manufacturers. Ray Anderson, the second-generation president of the company, knew he had to modernize this process to grow his business. In search of a better way of cleaning, his son and he loaded the back of their motorcycles with dirty blades and rode to Simi Valley for an in-person demonstration of a new cleaning method at Omegasonics: the ultrasonic cleaner.

Since that day, they haven’t looked back, and their company saw blade cleaning operation has been transformed. For Anderson Saw Company, their process changed from an overnight soaking in a toxic solution plus a thorough hand cleaning the next day to a speedy but thorough less than 30 minute cleaning in an ultrasonic unit for the same saw blades. For more on how Omegasonics helped Anderson Saw Company deliver value to their customers, read our case study.

Ultrasonic is a Faster, Safer Way to Clean Circular Saw Blades.

The Omega Saw Pro® and Saw Pro® Plus Saw Blade Cleaners can clean multiple blades—up to 24” diameter blades in the Saw Pro and 35” in the Saw Pro Plus—often in as little as three minutes. Filtration isn’t needed, since, due to the heavy contaminants coming off the dirty blades, a filter unit would get clogged. Depending on throughput level, the ultrasonic unit detergent bath will need to be changed out every 6-8 weeks. The ultrasonic cleaning units made by Omegasonics have enough power for cleaning at least 10 blades at once. Once run through the ultrasonic cleaning process, these blades can be dipped in a rust inhibitor, flash-dried and prepared for assessment and sharpening.

Ultrasonic cleaning cleans even the toughest grime from the dirtiest blades and features a streamlined process that increases both efficiency and productivity. It requires no soaking or hand cleaning, uses environmentally- and workplace-safe water-based solutions, and requires no prior training.

How Does an Ultrasonic Cleaner Work?

Omegasonics’ ultrasonic cleaning technology is created by generators that produce high-frequency electricity. This electricity is then converted into sound waves through a transducer, which makes these waves vibrate.

As the waves travel through water, tiny vacuum bubbles form and repeatedly implode upon any surface they encounter, removing even microscopic dirt particles. These cavitation bubbles reach and clean grooves, cracks and hidden crevices more effectively than alternative methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology does not require toxic chemicals or hands-on work, and Omegasonics units use only water-based solutions.

The Omega Saw Pro® and Omega Saw Pro® Plus

The Omega Saw Pro® and Saw Pro® Plus ultrasonic saw blade cleaners are both highly cost-effective. The Pro features a 33-gallon tank, best for portability and versatility for cleaning 18” diameter saw blades if placed horizontally, and up to 24” in diameter blades if placed vertically. Other features include a 20″ length x 19″ width x 20″ depth cleaning tank and 2000 Watts of ultrasonic power generation, running off 1-Phase 120VAC/20A power.

For bigger saw blades, we offer the Omega Saw Pro® Plus ultrasonic saw blade cleaner, which provides the ability to clean blades up to 23” in diameter or 35” if placed vertically. It features a 75-gallon cleaning tank that measures 30″ long x 24″ wide x 24″ deep. It is powered by one of Omegasonics powerful generators, running from 1 Phase 240VAC/20A and delivering a peak of 4000 Watts.

Like the Andersons, you owe it to your saw blade business to find out for yourself more about how Omegasonics can revolutionize your saw blade cleaning operation. Contact one of our ultrasonic cleaning consultants today at Omegasonics or give our experts a call at (888) 420-4445.