For larger cleaning operations which require an “assembly line” process for cleaning, Omegasonics recommends using one of many multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners. Examples of such cleaning applications  include components that not only need to be washed, but also require a clean water rinse or multiple rinses to eliminate all residue followed by a finish dry. Obviously, this scale of operation needs far more than a single tank ultrasonic cleaner, especially when there is a need for rapid response and profitability on the enterprise.

Do You Offer Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Omegasonics offers multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners for any configuration your business might need. Our standard multistage system consists of a wash-rinse unit and drying unit. However, we offer multi-stage cleaners with configurations ranging from 2, 3, 4 to even 7-stage consoles. In each stage, we can install ultrasonic cleaning, heat, and filtration, all customized according to the exact specifications of each customer.

How a potential multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system works

There are many possible configurations. Following is one common setup for a multi-stage system:

Stage 1 – Cleaning: The first stainless steel tank is used for ultrasonic cleaning, and includes all necessary installed components required to remove contaminants from object surfaces, such as a generator, transducers, and filters, as necessary. In almost all configurations, a high-efficiency heater is used to heat the ultrasonic cleaning tank and  features a digital temperature controller, so that tank temperature is continuously displayed.

Particles and contaminants are automatically removed by means of Omegasonic’s filtration system, helping to increase the longevity of the cleaning agent. Filters are conveniently housed for easy removal and servicing.  The ultrasonic cleaning cycle is automatically switched off when complete by means of the digital ultrasonic timer.

Steps 2 and 3– Rinsing and/or rust prevention: Next, the second and third tanks are used for primary and secondary rinsing operations. In this configuration, the system can provide zero-residue cleaning results when the second rinse tank is supplied with purified or deionized water. Depending on what type of objects are being cleaned, the third tank can be set up for use as a dipping bath by immersing parts in rust-preventative lubricants in order to prevent corrosion.

Step 4– Drying: The fourth tank could feature a recirculating, high-volume drying system, which includes a core electric heater and blower that direct hot air straight to the cleaned parts, thus maximizing drying speed. Parts are dried   by a combination of air volume and heat which means that operators can handle parts baskets soon after completion of the drying process..

Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Consoles Make it Easy to Multitask

For clients requiring multiple washes and high-efficiency parts drying, Omegasonics’ Viking Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Consoles offer the same efficient, effective ultrasonic cleaning technology plus the ability to move items through additional wash and rinse stages.

You can select your Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning System from three pre-configured options:

  • X2: (choose 2): ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse
  • X3: (choose 3): ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse, hot air dryer
  • X4: ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse, hot air dryer

You’ll likely find that one of these options is best suited for your business needs and budget. For help with determining this, we recommend consultation with one of our Omegasonics experts. Call or email using the contact info at the end of this article.

Once you’ve made your overall selection, you can also choose your ultrasonic cleaning tank size. We offer four standard tank sizes:

  • Pro: 18″ length x 18″ width x 14″ depth
  • Pro Plus: 18″ length x 24″ width x 14″ depth
  • Super Pro: 18″ length x 34″ width x 14″ depth
  • Power Pro 6000: 24″ length x 36″ width x 20″ depth

Keep in mind that we can also custom-build a tank if one of the above standard sizes isn’t suitable for your business needs.

Finally, you should know that all Omegasonics multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning systems include the following as standard:

  • Fully insulated stainless steel tanks
  • Exterior hammertone powder coat finish
  • Digital temperature controls – each tank
  • Digital timer-controlled ultrasound wash
  • Dual-stage filtration-wash stage
  • Single-stage filtration-rinse stage
  • Low-level float sensors – all wet tanks

These features form part of the Omegasonics difference of quality.

Don’t delay anymore creating the business of your dreams!  Whether you need a standard “off the shelf” or a custom-built multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner, get in touch with one of our ultrasonic cleaning consultants today at Omegasonics or give our experts a call at (888) 420-4445.