When it comes to the cleaning of parts and equipment used to process or dispense food, ultrasonic technology meets and exceeds the toughest of standards. In the food and drug industry, as you can imagine, inspectors must be extremely thorough.

Using ultrasound will more than please even the most meticulous inspectors, reduce your labor overhead, and increase your bottom line. Ultrasound doesn’t use any harsh chemicals so you don’t have to worry about putting toxic substances near food, supplements and pharmaceutical items.

Ultrasonic tanks generally use water-based soaps or just water alone to easily and effectively remove dirt, scale minerals, grime, oils and other residues from most surfaces. Filler valves, vitamin molds and dispensing equipment to name a few are the more common items being cleaned with precision ultrasonic cleaning systems in the food industry.

In an industry with a wide range of products that need to be cleaned, ultrasonic machines are built to accommodate your particular work area. Ultrasonic cleaning units can also be customized to meet your specific needs, size, power and other specifications. By using only a variety of mild solutions including citric acid and water, ultrasound is able to meticulously and safely remove dirt, scale minerals, grime, oil and other resides from virtually any surface without exposing employees or your product to unsafe chemicals.

Our friend, Dave Pierson formerly of from Pepsi Bottling Group had this to say about his experience with ultrasound machine, “The ultrasonic cleaners are working great! The precision parts in our fillers have never been cleaner or rebuilt as well!”

Companies all across the nation such as Anheuser-Busch and Natural Alternatives are all using Omegasonics’ machines to clean ultrasonically in the medical, food and drug industry!

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