So, now you’re convinced. You need an ultrasonic cleaner for your business. But what kind of ultrasonic cleaner? Chances are, if you take a look at the lineup of ultrasonic cleaners designed by Omegasonics, you’ll find one already pre-designed specifically for your application needs. But what if you need a custom-built ultrasonic cleaner? Well, Omegasonics can do that, too.

The Basic Components of an Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

Typically, an ultrasonic cleaning machine may include the following basic components: cleaning tanks and bath, baskets, transducers, filter and a control panel. There may be other additional features added depending on the unit type, but these are the very basic parts of a unit. In addition, detergent solutions are a necessary part of all ultrasonic cleaning machines.

A Short Word on Transducers

In order to produce the ultrasonic sound waves that provide the cleaning action when the object is immersed in the liquid bath, a mechanical vibrating device is needed.  Ultrasonic cleaning units made by Omegasonics as well as other manufactured units use a diaphragm attached to high-frequency transducers.

These transducers, which vibrate due to the piezoelectric effect provided by quartz and a generator, cause high-frequency vibration of the diaphragm.  This vibration is the source of the sound waves that are transmitted through the solution in the tank. This effect is similar to the operation of a loudspeaker except that it takes place at much higher frequencies. When transmitted through water and a detergent solution, these pressure waves create the cavitation process that in turn cleans the immersed object.

The resonant frequency of the transducer determines the size and magnitude of the imploding cavitation bubbles which provide cleaning power.  Usually, ultrasonic transducers used in precision cleaning range in frequency from 20 to 80 kHz. Lower frequencies create larger bubbles with more energy to punch away grime with more force. However, they can also cause cavitation damage on more delicate metals and other materials, so they tend not to be used as frequently.

Omegasonics can Create the Custom-built Ultrasonic Cleaner You Need

At Omegasonics, our experts work with you to determine what sort of ultrasonic cleaner works best for your exact business and the types of applications you would use it for. Then, we’ll either match you with one of our preexisting units or custom-build an ultrasonic cleaner for you from our top-quality components.

Building from Components up

Omegasonics offers a variety of immersible ultrasonic transducer options and matching generator packages, including both off-the-shelf units and custom-built immersibles. We can provide bottom-mount, side-mount, hanging or bulkhead-mounted ultrasonic transducers.

Other customizable options include:

  • Transducer frequencies ranging from 25, 40, 68, to 170 kHz
  • Customized length and width for the immersion tank
  • Immersible or direct bond transducers
  • Auto Fill and Auto Drain
  • Conductivity sensors
  • Pneumatic lift tables with agitation
  • 1000 to  30,000+ Watt peak output
  • Supply voltage and frequency
  • And more…

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Describe to us your operation and Omegasonics will design a custom-sized and custom-featured ultrasonic cleaning system to meet your specific needs. Cleaning system custom options include but are not limited to:

  • Multistage
  • Size of unit
  • Frame construction
  • Custom color
  • And more…

For example, if you have a industrial operation needing a multistage cleaning system, you may choose our standard Pro DX3, or you can customize it. A standard multistage system consists of wash-rinse and drying stages. We offer 2, 3, 4,5 or more-stage consoles. In each stage we can have ultrasonic cleaning, heat, and filtration. It all depends on the specific needs of you, our customer.

So, even if you don’t see precisely what you need when you peruse our lineup of options, we will work with you to create the ultrasonic unit that perfectly meets your requirements. Our team will listen to your cleaning challenges, formulate a plan and quickly engineer a thoughtful solution. We can customize a machine to fit your size and power needs or even retrofit your existing units with our ultrasonic technology.

Build the future of your cleaning business with us! For a custom-built ultrasonic cleaner, contact one of our ultrasonic cleaning consultants today at Omegasonics or give our experts a call at (888) 420-4445.