How much time do you spend maintaining your truck? Maybe it is your job to maintain a fleet of trucks, or you own a business who services trucks.

No matter what the reason, if you spend any time around a diesel engine, you know how important it is to keep fuel injectors clean.

Diesel injectors can get an overwhelming buildup of carbon deposits that build up at the tip. This is just a result of leftover fuel in the injector when you turn off the engine.

Over time this buildup will reduce the fuel efficiency and performance of your engine. What is the best way to get rid of these deposits? Ultrasonic cleaners of course.

Chemical Cleaners just don’t Cut It

If you do an internet search, you will probably find 1,000 products that offer to clean your diesel injectors for you. They claim that if you simply pour the additive into your gas tank, it will take care of the problem. The truth is they just don’t live up to the claims. Sure they may increase performance for a little while, but the only real way to get your injectors clean is to strip them down and clean them out.

Cleaning by Hand

Typically you need to strip down the engine and remove the injectors. Once you have them removed, you can clean the parts by using an acetone bath, wire brushes and lots of time. This method has some significant problems, however.

Injectors are delicate pieces of equipment. This means that you have to be very careful not to damage the tips of them when you are cleaning them. The acetone can also strip away lubricants and damage the seals as well. Another issue is the time that the whole process takes. You may find yourself spending hours trying to get them clean but are only able to get them marginally cleaner.

Delicate Work Requires Precision Equipment

To get the job done right, you need the help of an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners can get your truck injectors cleaned and looking like new. Here’s how:

First, ultrasonic cleaning works by the action of cavitation. Instead of having to scrub by hand you place the injector tips and any other desired parts into the ultrasonic cleaning bath. Setting the timer turns on the device, which then emits high-frequency sound waves into the bath.

These waves create very tiny bubbles in the bath that have lots of energy. As they collide with the surface of the parts they release the energy, breaking the bonds between the buildup and the injector, then carry the dirt away.

The best part is that the microscopic bubbles get into every corner and edge of the injector making sure that the whole thing comes clean. The process is gentle and safe and won’t cause damage.

Omegasonics has an Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning your Truck Fuel Injectors

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