A lift table may be something you have come across before, but didn’t consider for your own lab or shop.

Lift tables offer the advantage of moving heavy items in and out of a tank. Even if you are using one of Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaners, a table may be an added benefit.

Let’s take a look at what a lift table can truly do and why you should consider one to work in conjunction with your ultrasonic cleaner.

What is a Lift Table?

Put simply, a lift table is a piece of equipment that can raise or lower a part or basket of parts that is placed on it. It is comprised of a flat platform that you place your items to be cleaned on, and a vertical lifting arm. The lifting mechanism is either controlled pneumatically, hydraulically or with a gear motor. The benefits of using a lift table is mainly the ease of lifting and lowering these heavy parts into some type of a bath.


In looking over the specs of a lift table application, you are going to run into four terms that describe the attributes of a particular lift table:

Capacity – This is how much weight you can lift with the lift table. It is the maximum weight that can be lifted and held. Capacities differ and the more weight that needs to be supported, the higher the cost. So buy what you need and no more than your heaviest part.

Size – This one is pretty straightforward. Size is the physical dimensions of the lift table, ie. length x width of the part you are supporting with a bit of extra clearance to be safe.

Stroke – Stroke is how high your lift table is able to raise your equipment off the tank bottom. Typically the maximum height is the height of the tank lip.

Control Mechanism– This is the power source and mechanical method that will raise your table. Tables can be powered manually (with a crank), pneumatically (air compressor is required), hydraulically and electrically.

Make sure when looking over a spec sheet on lift tables that you pick one that will fit into the space that you have available for it, but also one that is going to work operationally in your workspace.

These are the basic terms that you will need to be familiar with; however, the method of lift, as well as other features such as, is the lid manually lifted or automatically lifted. Will the lift simply raise and lower the part or will it agitate within the tank with a short stroke. Explore all the options available to you.

What Do I Need an Ultrasonic Lift Table For?

Put simply, it’s just easier to put things in and get them out of your ultrasonic cleaner if dealing with heavy parts. If you are interested in a lift table for your ultrasonic cleaner, come see what Omegasonics has to offer! We can find the perfect fit for you!