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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Cannabis Industry Ultrasonic Cleaners

CBD Products are Refined Quicker and Cleaner with Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Cannabis production must meet extensive governmental regulations to insure the product and its CBD derivatives are free of all impurities. Ultrasonics cleaners are used extensively in production to remove the gummy, waxy residues from metal gear teeth, chromatography prints, metal injectors and inlets in a fraction of the time required by manual hand cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning for the cannabis industry

With the increasing legalization of cannabis throughout the United States and more countries throughout the world, producers are looking for better methods of cleaning extraction tooling and glass beakers used in processing. Typical cleaning methods have centered around hand scrubbing with mild detergents using scrubbers, brushes or any number of scouring tools. While these manual methods are somewhat effective, they are very time consuming especially when dealing with the gummy, waxy residue that is natural byproduct of the cannabis leaf.

Ultrasonic washers are able to remove more of this wax residue through the power of cavitation. Cavitation produces a vacuum implosion that pulls the gummy residue from the cutting tools used to extract cannabis oils from the leaves. Ultrasound is the preferred method for cleaning electrodes, chromatography prints, metal injectors and inlets used in production and extraction. The best, documented method to clean waste from glass beakers is through the use of ultrasonic parts cleaners. Ultrasound deposits energy into the solvent mixture, speeding the process of extracting and dissolving contaminants.

The post processing market is also utilizing ultrasound to clean delivery method devices such as pipes, bongs and bowls. Due to the sticky nature of the residue, an ultrasonic cleaner is the most effective method of removing the burnt on residue left behind.

Features and Benefits.

  • Removes wax residue from extraction tooling
  • Increases yield output
  • Shortens extraction time
  • Removes contaminants from glass beakers more efficiently
  • Most efficient method to clean delivery devices


Cannabis and its CBD derivatives is a legal and highly regulated product requiring FDA approvals for cleanliness and purity at all levels. Ultrasonic cleaners provide the purity levels more cost efficiently than manual cleaning ever can.


How does an ultrasonic cleaning solution work? Ultrasonic cleaners use sound waves and the cavitation effect of rapidly collapsing bubbles in a liquid bath to clean objects placed in them along with a cleaning solution added to the water bath.

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