Are you thinking about investing in an ultrasonic cleaner for your business? It is a great choice for increasing both the productivity of your business as well as ensuring that your parts are as clean as they can be. Before investing in just any unit you should take the time to make sure that you are getting the right unit. Here are the basics that you should be thinking about when purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner.

How Big Are the Parts You Are Cleaning?

What is your business? Are you trying to clean engine parts for a diesel rig, or are you cleaning model airplane engine parts? The size of the parts that you are attempting to clean is a very important factor in knowing how to buy an ultrasonic cleaner. After all, ultrasonic cleaners come in everything from tabletop-sized models to industrial sized. Take the time to figure out just what you are going to be cleaning before you make a purchase so that you get the proper size for your needs.

What Is the Goal of Your Machine?

You know that you have parts, and you know that you need to get them clean—which is a great start. Next, you need to really delve into the specifics of for what you are going to be using your ultrasonic cleaner.

Begin with your definition of clean. There can be a large difference in that word if you are speaking about engine parts or medical equipment. Are there standards that must be met? If so, what are they? What types of contamination are you going to be removing from your parts to be cleaned?

Next, of what are the parts made? You are going to clean airplane fuel line venturis much differently than you are going to clean fire restoration parts. It’s important to not only know of what your parts are made, but, also, if you are going to be cleaning individual parts or batches all at once.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Many people will answer this question with “the most I can get.” With an ultrasonic cleaner, more is not necessarily better.The measure of power when it comes to ultrasonic cleaners is watts/gallon (or watts/liter). This is essentially how much energy should be put into the tank at one time. In general, high wattages are needed for higher volumes of cleaner. Too high of a wattage in a smaller tank can translate to damaged parts. Make sure to think about how much cleaning action you need for your application.

Don’t Forget the Basket

Never put parts directly into your cleaning tank. You need a basket to hold them. The basket is usually made of stainless steel but can be coated with Teflon or other chemicals if your parts are easily scratched.

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