Companies must change or fall behind. Change is the order of the day, especially in businesses that are in the technology and service fields.

That very same change that can keep your company alive can also intimidate, disorient and affect your employees. That is why change management in an organization is so important. Change management is an opportunity for the business to help employees through a trying and stressful time.

Social Media as an Agent of Change Management

Typically change management has been done through emails, memos, meetings and announcements. But in the past, businesses didn’t have social media as a medium in which to communicate. Social media offers the opportunity for interactions that create trust and feel in-person to the people who are offered them; even if they are through an electronic medium.

Bridging the Distance between Employees and Upper Management

Most employee surveys given at larger companies show that at the deck-plate level there is a disconnect with upper management. Often this disconnect translates to a lack of trust between employees and those making the high-level decisions.

During any change in a company, engagement through social media can help to bridge this distance between workers and upper-level management. Employees can send messages via social media platforms or applications like Twitter. It helps employees have a direct line to the decision makers and allows them to provide immediate feedback based on their observations.

Dialogues open up across all levels of an organization. The feedback that upper management needed, but had not gotten in a timely manner in the past, now appears instantly.

Social Media Gives Employees a Say in the Change

Many revised plans are developed and set in motion long before those who may be most affected are aware of them. This turns into a feeling of helplessness and lack of control.

Social media gives a way for employees to send ideas, feedback and criticism of the change plan directly to the people making the decisions. This shows that an organization not only values the input from their employees but that they can take action upon it should the information prove valuable.

Community in an Uncertain Time

Social media allows employees to connect with each other regardless of location. In a world where many people work from remote offices and from home, it can be hard to have a sense of community in the workplace.

Social media helps bridge the gap and provide a place for employees to meet, discuss what they are feeling and exchange ideas about what is going on at the moment. This community will help to provide support during an uncertain time and ease the transition from what was to what is going to happen.

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