Food & Drug Manufacturing


Equipment used to process or dispense food, supplements and pharmaceuticals, carries great risk to companies and consumers. Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning technology is used for everything from cleaning impossible-to-reach filling valves, vitamin molds to preparing surgical instruments and implants for surgery.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners for Food and Drug Manufacturing: All Products

omega product


41 Gallons

omega product

Super Pro Plus

45 Gallons

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Power Pro 6000

80 Gallons

A new way to clean revolutionizes a French fry plant

See how Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning technology helps a Canadian frozen foods processor save on production costs and reduce cleaning time by more than 85 percent. Previously, it took a skilled mechanic four hours to clean one of their Ishida bucket scales, Now, a staff member, can clean eight scales in four hours.

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