Anderson Saw has been in business since 1955. They know their stuff when it comes to saws and tools. They made their name by using a process whereby they could restore saw blades to the sharpest edge that the blade could possibly hold. However, before this could be done, the blade needed to be cleaned.

Cleaning the Saw Blades

Saw blades that see lots of uses in the wood industry get covered with a resin called wood pitch. Before Anderson Saw could begin the process to sharpen the blades, they would need to clean all the pitch off of the blades.

In order to get the blades clean, they needed a soak in a chemical bath. This was the only way to ensure that all of the pitch was removed from the very small corners and angles in the saw blades. Unfortunately, the solution that needs to be used to do this work is very caustic. The soak needed to be done overnight, as well, slowing the process down.

The process didn’t stop at the soak, however. Once the soaking was done the shop staff needed to get the cleaning solution off of the blades. They carefully removed the blades from the dangerous solution then drained and transferred them to a bin full of sawdust.

Not only was this work difficult for the people doing it, but it was very time consuming. Multiple hours of work needed done just to get the blades to a point where they could be assessed and sharpened.

Omegasonics: The Better Way

The company’s owner Ray Anderson knew there had to be a better way. So he started looking into alternative processes. That’s when he found Omegasonics and our ultrasonic cleaners.

Ray settled on the Power Pro 6000 industrial washer. The ultrasonic cleaning action of the Power Pro 6000 was able to dramatically increase his ability to clean blades. Instead of an overnight soak, cleaning and wiping after a dry in sawdust, the blades are simply placed into the cleaner. Thirty minutes later, the blades come out ready to be assessed and sharpened!

Omegasonics offers a variety of ultrasonic cleaning solutions. Take a look at what we have to offer your business!