When State Restoration called to ask if they could try out a Restoration Pro by Omegasonics® to see how it would handle a contents job, we said, “Sure, send us your crew and we will set them up.”

So Eileen Zark brought over her crew and five palates from a job she was already doing. We gave them about 30 minutes of training, then we stood back to watch the fun…

The contents pros did just what we showed them and they cut through the job like a hot knife through butter. “Amazing…” she said. The workers were having a blast and she confided that she had been doing contents work for about 8 years — the last 4 of which were really wearing her down…but this was totally different! Hey — who wouldn’t be bummed out by cleaning things with Q-tips, toothbrushes and rags?

So how did Eileen and her crew do?

Well, they used to clean about a box per person, per hour. Xactimate pays around $30 to $40 per box. And we asked, “Eileen, about how many boxes did you get done in an hour with Omegasonics Restoration Pro®?”

She said, “About 20 to 25 boxes…,” Depending on where you are in the country, and judging by the Xactimate numbers, you already know that makes it as much as $1000 in just one hour! Imagine what she could do in a day (actually she did all five palates in just 2 days)!