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Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Manufacturing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for a Solvent-Free World

Built in the USA

Have you been looking into adding an ultrasonic cleaner to your business or home? If you have, then you know how powerful a tool an ultrasonic cleaner is. Not only does it save you both time and money, but ultrasonic technology is one of the fastest cleaners available on the market. Learn why ultrasonic technology provides the best cleaning options available.

The Basics of Cavitation

The entire ultrasonic cleaning process works on a principle called cavitation. While it may sound complicated, it really isn’t.

For example, imagine dropping a rock into a pond. Where the rock drops in the water, the water dips down, before springing back up. The water compresses where the rock applied downward pressure and then, due to this change in pressure, springs back up creating waves that radiate out along the surface. These ripples carry the energy outward.

Cavitation works the same way.

Ultrasonic Technology Cavitation

Instead of using a rock to generate waves, ultrasonic cleaners use sound waves to generate bubbles. A small device vibrates very quickly, making sound waves so high in pitch your ears can’t hear them. As this energy enters the water, tiny bubbles are formed.

The bubbles are very small, about eight-thousandths of a millimeter across. Don’t judge them by their size, because these guys carry a lot of energy with them. That’s because they are being stretched and compressed at a very fast rate. This causes them to grow and gain more energy until they reach a certain size. That size is based upon the frequency that the water is vibrating.

When these bubbles collapse and break apart, they release a fast moving, high energy plasma. The plasma is doing the cleaning work for you.

Removing the Dirt

When the plasma impacts a surface, any particles that are on that surface are agitated, the same way that they would be if you were using a scrub brush. If they are not part of the material, they break free and are tossed into the liquid and further broken apart. Remember, this is happening millions of times a second all over the surface of the items that are placed into the ultrasonic bath.

All of these tiny bubbles creating plasma will break away all of the dirt, grime and soot that is attached to the surface. Since they are so small, they are able to get into every small opening, fixture and corner that the items in the bath have. Once all of the dirt is broken free, the dirt rises to the surface of the bath to be cleaned off, leaving everything in the bath clean and looking good as new.

For more information on ultrasonic cleaners check out our Ultrasonic Cleaning 101 page.

Get Your Items Cleaned with Ultrasonic Cleaners

Stop using harsh chemicals, elbow grease and time to get your items clean. There is a better and more efficient way to get the job done. Omegasonics has a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners that can handle any job big or small. Take a look at what we have to offer your business today!