When you think of cleaning solutions meant for tough cleaning jobs, the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is harsh or caustic chemicals.

However, when you trust your most important cleaning jobs to Omegasonics, you won’t have to worry about abrasive chemicals being used on your equipment.

Omegasonics is pleased to report that we use no industrial solvents in any of our cleaning solutions, while still maintaining a high level of cleaning effectiveness.

Here are just a few of the reasons we have chosen not to use industrial solvents and information about why our cleaning process is so useful.

It Saves Money

One of the main reasons that Omegasonics does not use industrial solvents in our cleaning solutions comes down to a matter of cost. In addition to the large upfront expense of purchasing harsh chemicals, there is the added cost of handling them and disposing of them in the proper manner. Industrial solvents cannot be poured down a drain like standard cleaning solutions. Instead, they must be captured, accounted for and disposed of in a safe manner. This can be very expensive.

Although there will be times where you will have to remove contaminants that have been cleaned from your equipment, you will never have to worry about disposing of industrial solvents when you use Omegasonics cleaning solutions. Here are a few more resources regarding how ultrasonic cleaning saves you money:

Protecting the Environment

The reasons that industrial solvents are so tightly controlled is because they are capable of inflicting major damage to the environment if handled improperly.

Industrial solvents generally contain major chemical groups like alkylphenols and ethoxylates, both of which can be very damaging to the environment if they are not disposed of correctly. Alkylphenols, for example, mimic hormones, the chemicals that are active inside living bodies, and can cause damage to living systems. Improper disposal of these chemicals can damage plant and wildlife, and also pose a serious risk to the health of the water table, posing a threat to humans. Here are some other resources to learn about how Omegasonics’ ultrasonic cleaning solutions protect the environment and your employees:

Solvents Aren’t Necessary

In the past, cleaning major equipment was often done by hand, which required harsh industrial solvents.

In order to clean properly, you must break the chemical bonds between the dirt and soil you are trying to remove. Traditionally, breaking this chemical bond was accomplished through the use of industrial solvents, whose highly reactive nature weakens chemical bonds naturally.

However, thanks to ultrasonic cleaners, chemical bonds can be broken without the need of caustic chemicals. Instead of relying on chemistry to break down bonds, ultrasonic cleaners use a mechanical process called cavitation.

Cavitation, Not Chemistry

When an object is placed into an ultrasonic cleaning bath, ultrasonic waves create millions of tiny, high energy bubbles. These bubbles then impact the surface of the object being cleaned. When this happens, a tremendous amount of energy is released and the chemical bonds between the contaminants and your equipment are weakened.

Next, the contaminants are pulled away from the item in the bath and are broken into even smaller pieces, which then float to the top. The cavitation process eliminates the need for solvent style industrial chemistires in virtually all cleaning applications. To learn more about Cavitation:

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