There is no better representation of a fine tuned machine than a race car. At the heart of a race car is the engine. Adam Wik of Wik’s Racing knows this. He’s been in business for over 20 years building and repairing custom racing engines.

Fine Tuning the Racing Engine

Most of Adam’s business is in the off-road racing market. These are basically cars that are run on a track and then need to be taken apart and tuned up before the next race. One of the major parts of this tuning is making sure that the engine is clean.

Dirt, oil and debris can get into many places on an engine. This includes fuel injectors and air intakes. Having dirt in the way can be the difference between a record-setting time and a disappointing show at the track.

Cleaning the Parts

Because of the demands of off-road racing, deep cleaning is necessary to get keep these custom engines performing. This required Adam to soak the parts in solvents that would loosen up the contaminants. Then they would be subjected to hot water spray and hand cleaning. All told, this can lead to hundreds of hours of labor and barrels of chemicals to get the engines running like they were brand new.

Enter Ultrasonic Cleaning and Omegasonics Super Pro

Like most of these case studies go, Adam started thinking there had to be a better way. This is where he found information on ultrasonic cleaners. This led him to Omegasonics and the Super Pro cleaning system. The Super Pro has a 45 gallon tank capacity and can put out 4,000 watts of ultrasonic cleaning power. His solution is made up of OmegaClean which is formulated specifically for removing oil, carbon and contaminants from metal.

How did the Super Pro do? Adam claims that his parts have never been cleaner, and a process that used to take hours is down to a single hour for cleaning a piston set: “Anything you want clean… it goes in that tank.”

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